The Southern Forests Irrigation Scheme (SFIS) is part of the State Government’s Water for Food program. It is being developed by the SF Irrigation Cooperative Limited (SFIC) and their project partner the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) as a direct sustainable adaptation to climate change.

The implementation of the SFIS will secure horticultural water supplies for Manjimup-Pemberton growers, enabling the region to reach its full potential as a supplier of quality fruit and vegetables to domestic and international markets. The SFIS has the support of the Western Australian Government through project partner DPIRD and the Commonwealth Government through the National Water Infrastructure Development Fund.

The SFIS is a single centralised surface water source and piped distribution network which will enable the efficient movement of water between farms to deliver water to its greatest productive use. The SFIS has several advantages over the self-supply system, including improvements in water capture, storage and distribution efficiency. Water supply and delivery through the SFIS will be carefully monitored and measured, providing a high level of accuracy for water management and regulation.

Water for the scheme will be of high quality and will be supplied from peak flows from the Donnelly River. The scheme will be designed to ensure that environmental flows within the catchment are retained. There will not and never has been, any plan to dam the Donnelly River.

The Environmental Protection Authority will be assessing the project at the highest national level, which will address any environmental concerns.

This ~$80M project will also provide over 300 jobs for people in the South West.

View the pipeline route map here.

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