EPA Referral Update

Preliminary Design
October 18, 2019
The Truffle Change
November 13, 2019

The SFIC are pleased to announce that our request to revise the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) referral has been approved.

The updates to the referral include:

  • Removal of the 4 metre (m) high concrete weir on the Donnelly River at the offtake, which eliminates the inundation pool and the potential impact to riparian vegetation and fauna in the area.
  • Reduction of clearing for the pipeline corridor from 30 m to 20 m. This results in a reduction in clearing of native vegetation from 215 hectares to up to 142 hectares.
  • Clarification of volume of water pumped from the Donnelly River from approximately 9 GL/yr to approximately 9.3 GL/yr to be consistent with the DWER Warren/Donnelly Allocation statement (2018).

Importantly, it should be noted that the scheme will not always pump 9.3GL/yr from the river. Strict licence conditions ensure that pumps can only be used when the river flows allow it, making sure the environmental flows are maintained for the river and that there is enough water for other surface water licence holders.

The benefits of these design changes are not only visual, they also reduce the impact to the environment and the rivers ecosystem, which is a win-win scenario for the entire community.

The SF Irrigation Scheme is subject to the highest level of environmental approval under State and Commonwealth Law. As proud locals, our members also want to ensure that the development and operation of the scheme respects our natural environment and the values of our community.

This scheme brings an innovative new approach to responsible water management in the South West and we look forward to providing you with further updates as the scheme progresses through the regulatory process and engineering design phase of the project.

To find out more contact us at info@sfic.com.au or call 0447 696 995.