1. What is involved in the construction of the scheme? What infrastructure needs to be built?

The Scheme proposes to construct a 15 gigalitre (GL) reservoir on Record Brook, as well as a 220 kilometre (km) pipeline network throughout the Manjimup – Pemberton area and associated pump infrastructure.

From the Record Brook location, water will be pumped to two header tanks, northern and southern, which will allow water to be gravity fed along corresponding pipelines to farms in the Manjimup-Pemberton district.

This project will provide much needed infrastructure to the region to enable the efficient transfer of water to and between farms in the district. This pipeline infrastructure will become critical in the future as water resources become more sought after, by facilitating the efficient movement of water to keep our farmers growing food for our state.

Once a contractor is appointed to deliver the project, they will develop the construction methodology.

2. Will there be a dam on the Donnelly River?

No, there will not and never has been, any plan to dam the Donnelly River, the reservoir will be situated three kilometres from the Donnelly River.

3. What work has been done so far?

Engineering for the dam preliminary design (80%) has been completed.

The environmental approval process is underway, with the SFIC’s final Environmental Review Document (ERD) to the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) submitted on Friday 18 December. The EPA will now review the ERD and approve its release for the 6-week public comment period. The public review period will provide community members with the opportunity to read the submission, covering the construction and operation of the scheme and the assessment of environmental impact and make any relevant comments on the proposal. The public review will be well advertised.

This submission has been collated using extensive scientific research from qualified professionals collated over the last four years and in some cases longer.

The Design & Construct contract documents and engineering specifications for a tender release mid-year are being prepared. We will soon be engaging with local and South West contractors to let them know what the process will be in either bidding for work or joining a main contractor as a sub-contractor. Please contact us to register interest:

These works are co-managed by the SF Irrigation Co-operative and the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.

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