Investment by local farmers

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July 10, 2019
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September 4, 2019

So far Manjimup farmers have pledged more than $70 million from their own pockets to support the Southern Forests Irrigation Scheme.

That’s on top of the combined $59 million committed by the State ($19 million) and Federal ($40 million) governments.

That is made up of $11 million committed during the water sales process and another $54 million in on-farm investment required to pump water through their own properties.

Behind the entitlements are local farming families, collectively employing hundreds of local people, and even more during seasonal peaks.

These contributions demonstrate the importance of this game-changing project to the region, and the long-term investment in the future of farming in the region.

Businesses including irrigation suppliers and installers, earthmoving contractors, electricians, mechanic, concrete suppliers, labour hire companies, steel suppliers and fabricators, transport and logistics companies, farm machinery suppliers, banking, insurance, accommodation and hospitality will all stand to benefit from the economic activity to be generated by the scheme.

The scheme also has the potential to provide improved drought security and so will have an additional social benefit related to the reduction in financial pressure placed on farmers during drought.