Scheme the key to continued Truffle growth

Donnelly River Allocation Statement
July 10, 2019
Water trading explained
July 10, 2019

Dion Rangé has been farming truffles in the Manjimup region for more than a decade.

He’s a firm believer the Southern Forests Irrigation Scheme will bring big economic benefits to the region.

Dion and his wife Sharon bought their land in Manjimup in the early 2000s so they had a place for their two young boys to run free and learn about life away from the city.

Fast forward to 2019 and they have built a successful business – and one of the largest truffiéres in Australia.

Key to the businesses ongoing success is a steady, reliable supply of water – something that is increasingly difficult to guarantee as the climate continues to dry.

“We run two businesses on the property – the truffiére and a wedding venue with on-site accommodation,” Dion said.

“The second business in particular brings people to the town where they eat in local cafes, shop in the stores and stay in other accommodation around the town. The wider economic impact for the town is tangible and widespread.”

“With the Scheme in place, we will have more water so we can plant more trees, which means we can grow more truffles. That means we will be able to invest further in the accommodation and wedding side of the business, again creating an economic benefit to the region.”

Dion and Sharon have signed up as members of the Southern Forests Irrigation Co-operative to give their business the best chance of surviving and thriving against a drying climate.

“The business is something we are very passionate about and would love to hand down to our children. We can only do that if we work now to future-proof the region’s water supply.”