To take part in buying, selling or trading water as part of the irrigation scheme, individuals must be a member of the SF Irrigation Cooperative. The following criteria must be met by all SFIC members.


A SF Irrigation Cooperative member is required to -

  • Be a Land Holder in the Irrigation Area;
  • Pay the annual membership subscription levy, if any, as determined by the board;
  • Establish a Supply Point when requested to do so by the Co-operative and maintain in good order and condition at all time;
  • Hold -
  • (i) at least one (1) ordinary share in the capital of the Co-operative;
    (ii) at least ten (10) Corresponding Shares in the capital of the Co-operative or such lesser number as determined by the board;
  • Pay all Operating Contributions and Renewal Fund Contributions as and when they fall due for payment.
  • For more information and forms on membership, please visit the SFIC Downloads where all relevant documents can be found.