Minister MacTiernan’s Response to the Recent Petition

Key Differences Between the SF Irrigation Scheme and the Murray Darling Basin
September 4, 2019
EPBC Referral
September 19, 2019

Recently a petition was submitted to parliament regarding the SF Irrigation Scheme. This petition included concerns regarding the scheme’s viability, environmental impact, cost and reliability. The Hon Minister MacTiernan MLC has provided some reassuring answers to the concerns raised in the petition.

Within Minister MacTiernan’s response, there are many references to evidential information upon which the scheme was initially based. These references include water catchment, various independent water assessments, economic viability and peer reviews.

The Minister also addresses the upcoming Public Environmental Review, which is the highest level of scrutiny for environmental approvals, this is an open and transparent process, which provides the community with the opportunity to raise any environmental concerns relating to the scheme. The SF Irrigation Scheme will advertise this to the community once the review is open for comment.

There have been many misconceptions regarding the scheme and we at the SF Irrigation Co-operative feel that the Minister’s positive response is able to address the majority of these topics. You can read Minister MacTiernan’s reply to the petition at:$all)/0D8286F5A26CB3F14825846B001F04F1/$file/

The SF Irrigation Co-operative are committed to continue to inform the community and address any queries or concerns that individuals may have relating to the scheme, we invite you to contact us at or call us on 0447 696 995 if you would like to make an appointment with the Project Manager, Jeremy Bower.