Preliminary Design

EPBC Referral
September 19, 2019
EPA Referral Update
October 30, 2019

The SF Irrigation Co-operative (SFIC) is excited to share the preliminary design of the proposed Southern Forests Irrigation Scheme. Water will be pumped from the river under strict Department of Water and Environmental Regulation licence conditions only during high flows to a reservoir ~3.2km east where the water is pumped up to holding tanks on separate northern and southern pipeline networks where this high quality, reliable water will be gravity fed to over 90 farms supporting hundreds of local workers and businesses.

Extensive consultation by the State government followed by an Expressions of Interest process was undertaken as the basis of the design, with 88% of water sold immediately demonstrating considerable support for the project.

The SFIC has received over $70M in both public and private funding to progress this innovative and sustainable project that is forecast to deliver approximately 125 jobs during construction and approximately 250 direct and in-direct local jobs when in full operation.

The SFIC is continuing to refine the engineering details and undertake environmental surveys to present to the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) and the public as part of the Public Environmental Review process expected early next year.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the scheme, contact us on 9777 0181 or email